Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily De-Caffeinate?

Daily De-Caffeinate is a dietary supplement developed in California designed to help you enjoy caffeine without the worry of sleep disruption. It helps your body process caffeine more efficiently, promoting relaxation and restful sleep.

What is the main ingredient in Daily De-Caffeinate?

The active ingredient in Daily De-Caffeinate is rutaecarpine, a natural compound derived from the Evodia fruit. Each capsule contains 100mg of rutaecarpine.

How does Daily De-Caffeinate work to reduce caffeine's effects?

Daily De-Caffeinate contains rutaecarpine, a natural compound that may help your body metabolize caffeine more efficiently. Research suggests that rutaecarpine could support the natural process of caffeine breakdown and elimination from your system.* This allows you to enjoy caffeinated beverages without the prolonged effects of caffeine.*

How long does it take to feel the effects of Daily De-Caffeinate?

We recommend taking Daily De-Caffeinate approximately two hours before bedtime for optimal results. However, the time it takes to feel the effects can vary from person to person. Some people may notice a difference within 30 minutes, while others may take up to four hours. You can experiment with the timing to find what works best for your body and schedule.

Is Daily De-Caffeinate safe to use?

Daily De-Caffeinate contains rutaecarpine, an extract from the Evodia fruit, which has a long history of use in traditional practices. When used as directed, Daily De-Caffeinate is generally safe for consumption as a dietary supplement.* However, as with any supplement, it's important to consult with your doctor before using, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any underlying medical conditions, or are taking medications.

Can Daily De-Caffeinate help me reduce my caffeine intake?

Daily De-Caffeinate may help your body process caffeine more efficiently, which could be useful if you're trying to reduce your caffeine intake. Research suggests that rutaecarpine, the active ingredient in Daily De-Caffeinate, supports the natural process of caffeine breakdown and elimination.*

If you're looking to gradually reduce your caffeine consumption, you can try taking Daily De-Caffeinate in the evening and gradually reducing your caffeine intake the following day. It's important to listen to your body and make adjustments as needed. If you have any concerns about caffeine withdrawal or how to reduce your intake, consult with your doctor.

Are there any potential side effects of Daily De-Caffeinate?

Daily De-Caffeinate is generally well-tolerated, and the Evodia fruit, from which rutaecarpine is derived, has a long history of use in traditional practices. However, some people may experience mild side effects associated with caffeine withdrawal, such as headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or anxiety. These symptoms are usually temporary and can be managed by gradually reducing your caffeine intake.

If you experience any side effects, it's recommended to temporarily decrease your dose of Daily De-Caffeinate or consult with your doctor. They can help you determine the best course of action and address any concerns you may have.

Can I take Daily De-Caffeinate with my prescription medications?

Daily De-Caffeinate may interact with certain prescription medications. Rutaecarpine, the active ingredient, can affect the way your body processes some medications, potentially altering their effectiveness.

It's important to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using Daily De-Caffeinate if you are taking any prescription medications. They can advise you on potential interactions and whether this product is right for you.

Where is Daily De-Caffeinate shipped from?

Daily De-Caffeinate is made in the USA and shipped directly from Amazon fulfillment centers across the country.

What is your return policy for Daily De-Caffeinate?

Yes, Daily De-Caffeinate comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return the unused portion within 30 days, and we will issue a full refund. No questions asked.